Forrester: Ensighten Provides 525% Lift in Marketing ROI!

January 21, 2014 | by Boaz Ronkin, Sr. Dir, Product Marketing, Ensighten

In early January 2014, Ensighten commissioned Forrester to develop a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study based on interviews conducted with some of our Fortune 500 customers.  The complementary Total Economic Impact study, available for download here, reveals amazing results: According to Forrester, the Ensighten Agile Marketing Platform offers a 525% Marketing ROI to its customers. 

Ensighten’s Marketing ROI May Surprise You

A big driver of this astonishing Marketing ROI might surprise some marketers, who view enterprise data and tag management solutions merely as efficiency tools designed to get tag deployments out of the IT cycle. In fact, 64% of Ensighten’s Marketing ROI has nothing to do with decreasing the time and effort of deploying and maintaining website tags.

Higher Conversions Equals Higher Marketing ROI

No, the real value generator – the one that is only going to grow in impact and importance as Marketing becomes more data-driven – is the ability to optimize Marketing ROI in the form of higher conversion rates, sales, and market share. When marketers become agile and have the capacity to improve their initiatives, that’s when the real value is generated.

Learn the 3 Pillars of Marketing ROI at Agility 2014

The ability to extract strong marketing ROI from Ensighten is not limited to the four companies that Forrester interviewed for the TEI report. To learn more about how you can achieve similar results in your organization, I encourage you to register for our Agility user conference, Feb 5-7, 2014, in San Francisco. 

The Agility user conference provides a singular opportunity to hear from over a dozen Ensighten customers how they boost their marketing agility by powering omni-channel personalization, advanced data modeling and analytics, mobile app optimization, and more.

I hope to see you at Agility 2014!



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