Ensighten And Quantcast Partner To Deliver Robust Split Funnel Attribution For Digital Marketers

April 13, 2015 - Newsroom

New offering splits marketing funnel into two phases giving marketers a more accurate perspective into how each channel is contributing to conversions

SAN FRANCISCO – AGILITY 2015 – April 14, 2015  Ensighten, the leading global omni-channel data and tag management provider and company behind the Open Marketing Platform, today announced a partnership with Quantcast, a pioneer in real-time advertising and audience measurement, to integrate Split Funnel Attribution into Ensighten Attribution, which will give marketers new and better visibility into how each channel is contributing to conversions. News of the partnership was announced today during day two of Ensighten’s fourth annual AGILITY 2015 user conference in San Francisco.

Split Funnel Attribution divides the marketing funnel into two distinct funnels delineated by a consumer’s first website visit. The upper funnel consists of every brand engagement that occurs prior to a consumer’s first site visit. The lower funnel consists of every brand engagement that occurs after a consumer’s first site visit and ultimately ends in a conversion. Defining attribution values based on upper funnel prospecting activities and lower funnel retargeting activities enables advertisers to gain a deeper understanding of which marketing tactics have the most impact on customers’ path to conversion.

“Efficient spending of advertising dollars is top-of-mind for every advertiser, yet most don’t have the necessary insights to allocate their budgets efficiently,” said Seph Zdarko, Head of Attribution Initiatives and Partner Strategy at Quantcast. “We’re thrilled to partner with Ensighten, which is taking Split Funnel Attribution to a new level by enabling marketers to leverage it not only for paid media, but also across all consumer touchpoints.”

Quantcast has championed Split Funnel Attribution within the industry and previously offered it for its advertising clients. Through the new partnership with Ensighten, any marketer on the Ensighten Open Marketing Platform can now leverage Split Funnel Attribution – a step that broadens insights and improves performance transparency for marketers and the industry as a whole. Ensighten will now deliver Split Funnel Attribution across all channels and apply different attribution models against the Split Funnel technique, including the traditional last-touch attribution methodology that is prevalent today.

Ensighten also announced that Joe Ayyoub has joined the company as General Manager of Attribution and Ad Tech Solutions. Ayyoub brings over a decade of digital media experience on both the supply and demand sides of advertising to the role. Prior to Ensighten, Ayyoub served as senior vice president of business development and operations at mobile advertising management platform LiquidM. Before that, he was vice president of business operations at mobile marketing and advertising company Velti. Ayyoub also built and led the global services team at OpenX. As General Manager of Attribution and Ad Tech Solutions, Ayyoub will drive the attribution go-to-market strategy and will lead the Ensighten Attribution team to more rapidly deliver greater ROI on advertising spend for customers.

“We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Quantcast and our launch of Split Funnel Attribution, which gives marketers much more accurate insights to help them allocate their media spend,” said Joe Ayyoub, General Manager of Attribution and Ad Tech Solutions, Ensighten. “As we combine our companies’ unique attribution solutions into a single industry-leading offering, marketers and advertisers will benefit from new metrics and insights for optimization decisions that were not previously available, maximizing return on investment for their campaigns.”

Split Funnel Attribution provides reporting that reveals how campaigns are performing across marketing objectives, which goes beyond what has been traditionally possible. For example, it could highlight that a specific display campaign is performing well at driving website traffic, but is performing poorly when it comes to driving conversions. This deeper understanding of campaign performance will help reveal wasted advertising spend and lead to more efficient campaigns.

News of the partnership with Quantcast comes on the heels of Ensighten’s announcement of its expanded expert services arm. Announced on the first day of AGILITY 2015, the Ensighten Strategic Services team and the Analytics Solutions Group will help marketers navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing digital landscape by providing customers with the skills and scale they may not necessarily have access to internally. All of Ensighten’s announcements around AGILITY align to the fast-growing company’s goal of equipping digital marketers with the solutions needed to collect, own and act on data across the entire customer journey.


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