Ensighten Launches Client-Side Threat Intelligence Initiative and Invests in Machine Learning

August 6, 2020 - Ensighten

We are pleased to announce an increased investment into threat intelligence powered by machine learning. The new threat intelligence will focus specifically on client-side website threats with a mandate of discovering new methods as well as actively monitoring ongoing attacks against organizations.


Client-side attacks, such as web skimming, are now one of the leading threat vectors for data breaches and with a rapid acceleration of the digital transformation, businesses are facing a substantially increased risk. With privacy regulations, including the CCPA and GDPR, penalizing organizations for compromised customer data, online businesses of all sizes are facing significant security challenges due to the number of organized criminal groups using sophisticated malware.


“We have seen online attacks grow in both intensity and complexity over the past couple of years, with major businesses having their customers’ data stolen” said Marty Greenlow, CEO of Ensighten. “One of the biggest challenges facing digital security is that these attacks happen at the client side in the customers’ browser, making them very difficult to detect and often run for significant periods of time. By leveraging threat intelligence and machine learning, our customers will benefit from technology which dynamically adapts to the growing threat”. Ensighten already provides the leading client-side website security solution to prevent accidental and malicious data leakage, and by expanding its threat intelligence, not only will it benefit its own technology, but also the security community in general. “We are a pioneer in website security, and we need to continue to lead the way” said Greenlow.


Ensighten’s security technology is used by the digital marketing and digital security teams of some of the world’s largest brands to protect their website and applications against malicious threats. This new threat intelligence initiative will enable further intelligence-driven capabilities and machine learning will drive automated rules, advanced data analytics, and more accurate identification. “Threat intelligence has always been part of our platform” said Jason Patel, Ensighten CTO, “but this investment will allow us to develop some truly innovative technological solutions to an issue that is unfortunately not only happening more regularly but is also growing in complexity”. 


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