Ensighten And LiveRamp Partner To Enable Brands To Deliver Personalized Messages Everywhere

September 4, 2014 - Newsroom

Ensighten And LiveRamp Partner To Enable Brands To Deliver Personalized Messages Everywhere [Download]

Integration Allows Brands to Own and Leverage Their Online and Offline Customer Data Across All Channels and Devices

SAN JOSE, Calif., September 4, 2014: Ensighten, the leading global omni-channel data and tag management provider and company behind the Agile Marketing Platform, along with LiveRamp, the leading data onboarder enabling brands to connect their customer databases into every marketing application, today announced a strategic partnership to help marketers engage with their customers across all marketing channels and devices.

Through Ensighten’s partnership with LiveRamp, Ensighten Activate clients can easily syndicate their first-party audience segments via LiveRamp to more than 100 technology platforms. By breaking down historically siloed data and creating first-party based, omni-channel customer segments, marketers can better reap the benefits of their first-party data to deliver a much more relevant experience across all digital touchpoints. Leveraging first-party audience segments across the LiveRamp partner ecosystem empowers brands to run more accurate and granular campaigns.

“LiveRamp's unique data distribution capabilities enhance marketers' ability to activate their first-party data,” said Scott Howe, CEO of Acxiom, parent company of LiveRamp.

“This powerful partnership puts us all closer to delivering true one-to-one marketing at scale via personalized experiences across every digital touchpoint.”

Marketers will now have the ability to manage the distribution of data used for targeting by ad networks, retargeters and DMPs, enabling them for the first time to optimize their activities across publishers and ad networks. They will also gain the freedom to work with any DMP or technology provider without the fear of getting locked in and will easily be able to optimize performance across ad networks.

“Digital marketers use dozens of siloed technologies in order to run, manage and optimize their campaigns,” said Josh Manion, Ensighten founder and CEO. “This strategic partnership gives brands the ability to sync their on-site and off-site audience data in real-time across all the solutions they are currently leveraging. Marketers' most powerful data is their first-party data, and this partnership enables brands to make it actionable across all channels and devices.” 

As the shift towards programmatic ad buying continues, timely syndication of high value segments across publishers and ad networks is becoming increasingly important. Ensighten’s partnership with LiveRamp allows for ad hoc analysis of data sets across ad networks. Therefore, if an Ensighten Activate customer wants to shift to programmatic buying, they will be able to take real-time, one-to-one actions. 

“Ensighten played a big part in enabling the Microsoft Store to achieve close to 800 percent online revenue growth over the last few years by improving customer experience and targeting, and overall marketing agility,” said Bill Bazley, Director of Marketing at Microsoft Store. “I am very excited about this Ensighten and LiveRamp partnership, which opens the door to leveraging our omni-channel customer data across all channels and devices.”

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About Ensighten

Ensighten, the global leader in omni-channel data and tag management, is changing the face of digital marketing by transforming the way enterprises collect, own and act on their customer data across all marketing channels and devices. The Ensighten Agile Marketing Platform (AMP) enables enterprises to achieve true one-to-one personalization, accelerate the execution and optimization of their marketing initiatives and deliver superior user experiences. The Ensighten AMP, with its unique hybrid-tagging technology, powers companies generating over $1.9 trillion in revenue in over 150 countries. The world’s leading brands (Microsoft, Capital One, United Airlines, T-Mobile and Walmart) achieve marketing agility by implementing Ensighten’s single line of code. Ensighten is headquartered in San Jose, with offices in New York, London and Sydney. To learn more visit www.ensighten.com, and join the conversation on LinkedIn linkedin.com/company/ensighten and Twitter @ensighten.


About LiveRamp

LiveRamp is a leading service for onboarding and delivering customer data to digital marketing applications. By connecting nearly 100 disparate application providers, LiveRamp helps the world’s leading brands use their data to run more efficient, personalized marketing campaigns. For more information, please visit www.LiveRamp.com. Acxiom, an enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company acquired LiveRamp in May 2014 to bridge the gap between offline data and the rapidly growing universe of online marketing applications with better matching, more connectivity and faster onboarding.