Connect the Dots and Start Saving Money: Why Attribution and Tag Management Belong Together

October 28, 2014 - Ensighten

Introducing Ensighten Attribution

Today we are thrilled to announce that we’ve launched a new product: Ensighten Attribution. Fully integrated within Ensighten Manage and the Ensighten Agile Marketing Platform, Ensighten Attribution enables real-time action of omni-channel attribution data like never before possible—while reducing vendor costs and boosting the ROI of advertising spend.

Attribution Revenue Trends
Ensighten Attribution shows you the revenue impacts of impressions and clicks across all channels.


The power of attribution integrated with tag management

Attribution in and of itself is a powerful thing. According to Forrester, omni-channel attribution can reduce cost per action by 30 – 50% and drive improvements in ROI by 50 – 100%. Attribution improves marketing spend and illuminates customer paths to purchase that otherwise would remain hidden in campaign or channel silos.

But attribution integrated with tag management and an actionable data layer? It’s a game-changer. Ensighten is already leaps ahead of other tag management systems with our ability to act on data across every conceivable point of customer interaction (whereas other tag management systems tend to limit themselves to web properties only).

With Ensighten’s integrated offering, not only will attribution data (such as which vendor deserves credit, which campaign is influencing down-funnel conversions, which audiences are responding to which campaigns) improve spending decisions, but by automatically feeding attribution data into the Ensighten Data Layer, this data can impact the relevance and effectiveness of advertising campaigns in real-time. And there’s a flip-side benefit too: all the data from Ensighten Manage as well as offsite and offline sources can feed into Ensighten Attribution for more thorough analysis and modeling, giving greater returns from your advertising dollars.

Attribution Path Filter
Analyze conversion paths through Ensighten Attribution’s interactive path filter.

Not to get into the weeds, but there’s a great use case around loading tags conditionally, through Ensighten Manage, based on attributed campaign data obtained through Ensighten Attribution. Essentially, Ensighten Manage ensures only those tags that warrant conversion credit get fired. This granular control over tags is critical to not only ensuring the assignment of correct vendor credit, but also eliminating vendor credit duplication once and for all. This delivers a huge cost savings to customers.

Attribution Dashboard
Ensighten Attribution helps you understand how campaigns introduce, assist and convert sales.


Market consolidation and attribution neutrality

If you look around at the attribution market, you see a lot of big fish gobbling up smaller fish. This year alone, AOL acquired Convertro and Google acquired Adometry. As this consolidation continues, it will be more and more important for brands to get attribution data from a truly neutral third party; in fact neutrality is one of the cornerstones of attribution and one of the reasons it even exists.

It doesn’t really get more unbiased than Ensighten, which maintains an open marketing platform. Our mission statement is all about equally supporting everything, and Ensighten does not ever regard one set of solutions, campaigns, media, channels, or strategies above any other. As a case in point, we are continuing to mutually grow business with technology partners—including those who offer attribution solutions themselves.

Neutrality is becoming more rare, and more differentiated in the market, as the purveyors of digital advertising are predominantly the ones making attribution acquisitions and offering new solutions with their versions of the truth. Remaining open and neutral, while deepening our data integrations, ensures we meet the needs of our customers no matter how the market evolves.


How to learn more about Ensighten Attribution

Want to find out more about Ensighten Attribution? Click here to learn the key features and benefits, and register for our upcoming webinar, “Five High-Impact Ways to Sharpen Media Spending,” where we’ll dive into the details of how attribution can help you deliver more efficient campaigns.


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