Bringing Web Security to RSA Conference 2019

February 26, 2019 - Ensighten

Ensighten will be highlighting the importance of web security at the world’s biggest InfoSec event, RSA Conference 2019

In 2019, there’s not a department or function within an organization that isn’t shaped in some way by the need for cybersecurity. Barely a week passes when we don’t hear of another high-profile company or government agency that has fallen victim to cybercrime – whether it’s a ransomware attack, phishing campaign, cryptojacking, or any number of sophisticated new threats waiting to be unleashed on the enterprise and undermine its website security.

Companies are waking up to the long-term financial and reputational damage that a cyberattack can inflict. Conversations about website security can be heard throughout every aspect of the enterprise – including the boardroom where business leaders are giving the green light to greater IT security spending in line with the perceived risks associated with data loss. New research claims the $162 billion (£123 billion) spent on cybersecurity in 2018 will jump by an astounding $1,105 billion (£837 billion) during 2019, driven by adherence to GDPR and other data privacy regulations such as CCPA, which is due to come into action in January 2020.

Due to this heightened awareness around cybersecurity, the RSA Conference 2019 in San Francisco has never been more relevant to the modern enterprise. As the world’s biggest information security (InfoSec) event, it draws more than 50,000 attendees per year, providing a platform for both cybersecurity leaders and new industry voices, advocating for next generation technologies that can go toe-to-toe with today’s increasingly complex cybercrime threats.

Ensighten will be one of those voices at RSA Conference, showcasing the need for next generation website security for the enterprise. The last 12 months have seen several high-profile incidents where global organizations’ websites were targeted by cybercriminals, including The Make-a-Wish Foundation, Ticketmaster, ABS-CBN and Newegg.


Website Security: Why is it so important?

Website breaches can be disastrous for any organization, and can even prove terminal if customers’ credit card, passport or other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is stolen. Not only do they face public scrutiny and potentially huge fines imposed by the appropriate regulatory bodies, but they may take a bigger hit if confronted by unhappy investors, decreasing market value or desertion by customers who can no longer trust them to keep their personal information secure.

Despite this, our own research indicates that only 30 percent of enterprises are completely prepared in the event of a website breach. In many instances, organizations may not even by aware of the threat posed, as hackers use third-party vendors to gain entry to their websites. It is imperative to us that organizations understand the enormous risks they are taking with their business and their reputation if they aren’t taking every precaution to secure their website supply chain.


Ensighten at the RSA Conference 2019

At the RSA Conference we will be demonstrating our leading website security solution which protects businesses against malicious attacks and data loss.

Alongside this, we know that marketing security is also still slipping under some organizations’ radar. We will be talking to InfoSec professionals about why it is essential to stop criminals getting their hands on all the customer data that their businesses acquire for campaigns and other marketing projects. Further, we will be presenting our MarSec™ platform, which manages and controls both the enterprise and customers’ data on a website in real-time to prevent data leaks and loss of PII.

The theme of this year’s RSA Conference is ‘Better’. It implores everyone “from the C suite to those of us on the front lines” to do better when it comes to creating a better, more secure world. That’s exactly our goal with our next-generation website security solution.

As RSA explains: “We come here to experience better solutions, brainstorm better ideas, and remind ourselves that a better, safer world is ahead.”




Founded in 2009, Ensighten is the global cybersecurity leader providing client-side protection against data loss, ad injection, and intrusion while enhancing website performance.

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