Announcing Real-Time Optimization for Native Mobile Apps: A/B and Multivariate App Testing for Marketers—without Hard-Coding or Delaying ROI

February 24, 2015 - Ensighten

Today we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking new capability for marketers: Ensighten Mobile App Experience Optimization. For the first time ever, marketers can conduct AB and multivariate testing within native app environments in real-time, without waiting for the app store or relying on users to update the app.

With this innovation, Ensighten has transformed the technically challenging, slow processes of native mobile app environments into agile environments that behave like the Web. Now, marketers can immediately create tests, change content, and deploy winning test content in native apps without any technical hurdles or time-sucking contingencies.


Ensighten measurably increases ROI for native apps

As discussed in my previous blog post and Rand Schulman’s recent Click-Z article, native app environments deliver more optimal experiences for customers than Web-based mobile apps (and Forrester backs this up as well).

Relevant and meaningful app experiences drive better app adoption, conversion, and engagement. Yet many marketers settle for Web-based mobile apps because they don’t want to deal with the perceived non-agility of the native approach to building apps. Or, they invest in native apps but then don’t evolve or change the app over time because it’s too cumbersome and expensive to continue to invest.

Ensighten Mobile is already driving down native mobile app costs and boosting the ROI of native app environments for enterprise brands such as United Airlines, Getty Images, and Vivint. Miki Seltzer, Sr. Customer Analyst at Vivint uses Ensighten Mobile because “Ensighten helps us deliver analytic insights about our native apps without the time delay and extra development cycles of constantly re-compiling the app.”

And now, marketers can leverage this same No-SDK foundation (explored in another previous blog post) to quickly and easily create A/B and multivariate tests within native apps, immediately deploy those tests, and instantly apply winning test content to all app users.

Marketers also now have the ability to apply or remove short-term or seasonal promotions to all native app users instantly. This means that even outside the context of testing, marketers can also simply drop in or remove content into native apps in real-time. It’s a real leap forward for app agility.


Ensighten is changing the native app optimization conversation

Ensighten Mobile Create New TestHistorically, marketers have had to rely on Web-focused optimization tools to extend testing and targeting to native app environments. The challenge with this approach is that both the tests and winning test content must be hard coded into an SDK and funneled through non-agile mobile app development processes. This minimizes the amount of tests a marketer can realistically perform in a given year—and therefore reduces the benefits marketers get from the practice of optimizing apps. As any marketer knows, the more testing you can conduct, the greater the ROI and revenue gains.

Optimization is a standard practice for Web sites today. But we are moving into the Internet of Things, which, according to Gartner, is being driven by apps. Non-agile optimization for native mobile apps is no longer acceptable. This is why Ensighten decided to extend from agile app tagging to optimizing app experiences. When marketers can test or change experiences on-the-fly, customers engage and convert.


All together now

As part of the Ensighten Agile Marketing Platform, Ensighten Mobile provides a highly differentiated solution for marketers who care about mobile and omni-channel marketing. Not only does Ensighten provide a single interface for tagging across Web and native app environments, but by unifying data across environments, marketers can truly optimize experiences everywhere.

And you can’t have only some of mobile marketing pieces to make this happen. You have to have Ensighten Mobile’s three key elements:

  • Real-time, No-SDK approach to mobile app marketing
  • Native mobile app optimization within tag management
  • Unified omni-channel data for personalization and action

But don’t take my word for it! Ensighten Mobile just got a whole lot more fun for marketers – so check out a demo today! There’s nothing quite like seeing a test or content you easily build immediately render as an experience in a native app. The future of app marketing really has arrived.


Recommended next steps

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