Advanced Protection for Instart Customers

Instart customers can switch to the leader in web skimming protection with zero friction or downtime and realize the benefits of true client-side data protection against Magecart and similar attacks

How our solution compares




JavaScript injection mitigation

Also known as online skimming protection, web skimming protection and formjacking protection. Prevents data from being stolen through malicious code that has been injected into JS libraries which are used within websites



CSS injection mitigation

Prevents data from being stolen through CSS injection techniques, including brute-force stuffing



Form replacement mitigation

Prevents attackers from replacing forms, such as checkout forms, with fake data stealing forms by utilizing components such as iFrames 



Malicious ad injection prevention 

Prevents malicious ads being injected into websites through exploited components or through rogue browser extensions 



Network whitelisting

Prevents data from being transmitted from a web page to remote locations other than those specifically defined in a whitelist 



Full event-loop reporting

Provides comprehensive reporting regarding client-side attack protection, including attempted and mitigated attacks 


The Instart solution lacks the ability to report on attempted or mitigated attacks 

Simple setup and configuration

Allows organizations to configure the solution simply by keeping configuration requirements to a minimum but still delivering a secure application 


The Instart solution requires web page document content to be whitelisted – this can be extremely complex 

Performant-focused solution 

Ensures that website performance is not affected by the implementation of an additional security layer 


Ensighten’s filter applies when an attempt is made to transmit data from a web page to a remote location 

Instart’s filter applies every time IO is attempted on DOM objects, such as form fields. For sites with lots of content, this can be negative to performance 


Instart Web Skimming Protection 

Web Skimming Protection was a product offered by Instart prior to the technology being acquired by Akamai at the start of 2020. Instart’s web skimming technology was designed to mitigate a subset of client-side website attacks including web skimming and formjacking, such as those perpetrated by Magecart. 

How the Instart solution worked 

Instart’s technology utilized a small JavaScript tag, which they called the NanovisorThis JavaScript code monitored specific JavaScript functionality pertaining to the reading of data from certain HTML document (DOM) elements, like input boxes, text files and cookies. 

Website owners who utilize Instart's technology were required to perform an analysis of their site content, usually by placing the product into a monitor mode to identify the IDs and CSS class names of all elements across all pages within their website – the output of which was used to configure the product. 

Switch to the leader 

With Akamai’s acquisition of Instart's technology, organizations who utilized the products may be concerned about the future and roadmap. You may not have evaluated Ensighten when you licensed Instart - Ensighten is the leader in website compliance and security, and our research and development has pioneered online skimming prevention.

As you are now likely going through a re-evaluation process, we would welcome the opportunity to show you how Ensighten's technology can not only replace what you already had, but exceed the capabilities that Instart’s products gave you. 

Switch now and we’ll make it work for you

Ensighten would like to invite Instart customers to switch to Ensighten and save money. For organizations who switch, Ensighten will commit to lowering the cost of your web skimming protection while providing you more functionality and security. Get in touch with us to see how you can benefit and how we can make Ensighten work for you
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