The Impact of Ad Injection on Online Customer Experience

An increasing number of organizations are seeing a dramatic drop in revenue and online conversion rates, due to customers being lured away to competitor websites via fraudulent ad injection

The role of your website in determining the success and growth of your business cannot be underestimated

As one of the channels upon which you rely to generate business, you have no doubt invested significant resources in optimizing the look, feel, and user experience in order to provide a seamless, engaging experience for web visitors. However, many websites are facing a growing threat; unauthorized ad injection.

Ad injection is the process where unauthorized ads are injected into your website visitors’ browsers, diverting them to your competitors’ websites, losing you valuable sales and providing a frustrating online experience for your customers – all without your knowledge. In fact, these cyberattacks typically go undiscovered.

Download this guide to learn:

  • What unauthorized ad injection is
  • Why ad injection is so damaging to your business
  • How you can protect your website from unauthorized ads to avoid losing revenue to competitors or cybercriminals



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