Protect and optimize online customer experience to increase conversion rates

The leading cybersecurity solution providing client-side protection against journey hijacking, ad injection, malware, adware and data loss

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Block customer journey hijacking, ad injection and adware
Win back stolen revenue and prevent your competitors from diverting your customers by blocking unauthorized product and promotional ads
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Comply with global data protection regulations
Enable website compliance and data privacy to fully comply with the CCPA and GDPR legislation
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Prevent supply chain and Magecart data leakage
Protect customer data from accidental leakage, malicious theft and cyberthreats such as formjacking, web skimming and tag piggybacking
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Monitor and control third-party website technologies
Gain full visibility of your third-party website technologies to control the data they collect and share in order to prevent customer data leakage
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Optimize website performance and securely implement marketing technologies
Improve user experience, customer acquisition and data match rates through website optimization
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Increase online conversion rates
25% of online visitors are being targeted by malicious and competitive advertisements which leads to shopping cart abandonment and a decrease in conversion rates
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Improve online customer experience
Malware and adware can plague your customers online experience with irrelevant and malicious ads which if clicked on, can greatly impact user experience on your website and damage brand reputation
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Protect customer data
Cybercriminals are specifically targeting websites and their third-party technologies with real-time techniques which are unaffected by server-side controls, to exploit customer PII and cause data leakage
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See how much stolen online revenue you can win back

By eliminating unauthorized ads and invasive content from disrupting your customer journeys, our journey hijacking prevention tool consistently increases conversion rates. See how much online revenue you could win back by blocking unauthorized product and promotional ads.
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eGuide: The impact of journey hijacking and ad injection on the online customer experience

An increasing number of organizations are seeing a dramatic drop in revenue and online conversion rates, due to customers being directed to competitor websites via fraudulent ad injection, malware and adware.
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