15-Minute Guide to Client-Side Online Skimming Protection

Cybercriminals such as Magecart have successfully utilized online skimming to steal millions of credit card numbers from some of the largest retailers, including Macy's, TicketMaster, Forbes, Nutribullet and more. 

Online skimming protection is designed to stop the theft of sensitive data by ensuring protection against a new, growing range of malicious attacks which target organizations' online presence at the most vulnerable point: at render time in the user's browser.

Download this eGuide to learn:

  • How a website skimming attack happens
  • Why online skimming protection is a critical component of a well-implemented website security strategy
  • The three types of online skimming protection and how they compare on effectiveness



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"Any business accepting online payments on their website is at risk of an eskimming attack. This threat has impacted ecommerce companies in the retail, entertainment and travel industries as well as utility companies and third-party vendors."

Unites States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT)