Manage | Enforce Consent and Privacy (CMP+)
Enable and automate website compliance and data privacy to fully comply with the CCPA and GDPR legislation
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Prevent supply chain and Magecart data leakage
Protect customer data from accidental leakage, malicious theft and cyberthreats, such as formjacking and tag piggybacking
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Monitor and control third-party technologies
Gain full visibility of your third-party website technologies to control the data they collect and share in order to prevent customer data leakage
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Block ad injection and adware
Win back stolen revenue and prevent your competitors from diverting your customers by blocking unauthorized product and promotional ads
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Optimize website performance and securely implement marketing technologies
Improve user experience, customer acquisition and data match rates through website optimization
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IT & Security Professionals
Understand how you can monitor and control third-party technologies, protect the website from malicious JavaScript injection and ensure the safety of your data, while still allowing Marketing to collect the data they require
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Ecommerce Security Professionals
Learn how you can maximize website performance and reduce the impact of unauthorized ad injection to optimize customer experience and increase customer acquisition and revenue
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Digital Marketing Professionals
The risk of data leakage through third-party technologies is continuously growing. Discover how you can securely deploy tags to protect customer data, user experience and maximize page performance
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Protect your website from data leakage - request a demo

See the Ensighten MarSec™ platform in action - enabling protection against intrusion, data loss, ad injection, Magecart and cybercrime threat groups. Control all of your marketing technologies, the data they collect and where it is being passed to prevent unauthorized data leakage
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15 Minute Guide to Threat Intelligence

With website attacks becoming increasingly detrimental and complex, keeping up with the ever-evolving threat landscape has never been more important. Download our latest guide to learn why threat intelligence is a crucial component to any security solution to enable protection against existing and emerging attack methods.
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