The Power and Protection of Your Customers’ Data

A marketing security solution enabling privacy compliance, governance, data collection and actionable data insight.

Enterprise Marketing Security Software

  • Full protection and control against data threats

  • Prevent customer PII data leaks and breaches

  • Securely manage 3rd party tech such as chat boxes

Control and Protect Consumer Data

Over 67% of enterprise businesses are yet to implement marketing security for their website, this opens up a huge opportunity to anyone looking to access your valuable customer data. Marketing Security is the control and management of 3rd party technologies on your website enabling your business to protect against potential data risks and breaches. Without MarSec™ in place to directly prevent against a breach; businesses are not only putting customers at great risk, but also their brand's reputation.

  • 9,011,390,400

    website visits protected by Ensighten

    since Jan 2018
  • 513,208,896

    tags deployed a minute through Ensighten

    since Aug 2017


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