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Multichannel personalization is essential in the age of the customer. Find new opportunities to understand and influence the entire customer journey.

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  • Webinar: Five High-Impact Ways to Sharpen Media Spending

    According to Forrester, omni-channel attribution can reduce cost per action by 30% to 50% and drive improvements in ROI by 50% to 100%*. In this webinar we'll explore how enterprise brands are leveraging attribution and tag management in a unified approach to boost marketing ROI, improve customer experiences, and drive more relevant data strategies. We’ll cover key strategies for:

    • - Permanently eliminating the payout of duplicate vendor credits
    • - Optimizing vendor payments through your tag management system
    • - How to determine the best attribution model for your business

  • Five Steps to Becoming an Empowered Marketer

    How Website Testing and Monitoring Within Tag Management Boosts Marketing Agility

  • How Multi-Channel Data Drives Multi-Channel Personalization

    Today, digitally empowered customers have many ways of engaging with brands and are looking for tailored experiences that meet their needs.  To compete, companies must now personalize across multiple channels and across all parts of the customer life cycle.  Yet many firms do not have the necessary capabilities in place to do so.

    In this webinar we discuss:

    • - How multi-channel data helps marketers understand and engage their customers
    • - Why digital marketers are prioritizing social media, websites and email channels for personalization and seeking to take a significant step into mobile personalization in 2014
    • - How to boost extensive personalization across multiple channels
    • - Why it’s important to use personalized engagements across the entirety of the customer life cycle and across all channels

  • Building Customer Relationships in an Omni-Channel World

    Connecting the dots in an omni-channel world is a challenge that makes it difficult for brands to form meaningful relationships with their customers. A lack of visibility across channels results in broken customer journeys which undermine efforts to cultivate exceptional brand loyalty. In this webinar we discuss how to connect the dots so you can focus on optimizing for people, rather than channels.

  • Protect Your Users' Online Privacy

    Ensighten and the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) discuss how privacy practices impact you, your business, and your customers and provide tools that you can use to enforce online privacy.

  • How to Achieve True Mobile Marketing Agility

    Learn how companies can increase conversion & engagement on mobile apps while dramatically boosting mobile marketing agility in this webinar from Ensighten and the American Marketing Association.

  • Turbocharge your Adobe Marketing Cloud

    Learn how the Ensighten platform helps you maximise your investment in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. From analytics to optimisation, from content to advertising, discover how you can enhance and extend on Adobe’s current marketing capabilities.

  • Creating a Successful Personalization Strategy

    Digital optimization experts from Ensighten, Brooks Bell, and Maxymiser discuss the importance of personalization and how to get started with a successful strategy in this one hour roundtable webinar.

  • Using Real-Time Data to Optimize your Customer Journey

    Join industry experts as they discuss how a real-time data layer can accelerate your analytics and optimization success against ever-changing marketing campaigns and initiatives. In this webinar, you will learn: Best practices on how to implement a custom data layer for your site, how to use it to transform your data into actionable marketing initiatives, how digital businesses accelerate their data & tag control to become agile and the way in which data and tag management platform can drive analytics and optimization success. 

  • Boosting Marketing Agility with Omni-Channel Attribution

    Join Sebastian Gutierrez, EMEA marketing solutions at eBay Enterprise and Boaz Ronkin, senior director of product marketing at Ensighten as they discuss best practice in applying omni-channel attribution against ever-changing marketing campaigns and initiatives.


  • Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of Ensighten for Enterprise Data and Tag Management

    Forrester interviewed four Fortune 500 brands who are currently Ensighten customers to examine the ROI enterprises may realize by deploying Ensighten’s Agile Marketing Platform. Find out how these brands are driving incremental revenue through email campaign optimization, developing predictive analytics and avoiding the backlog for web development. And realizing a 525% ROI.

  • Aberdeen Research Brief: Big Data for Marketing - Targeting Success

    It’s hard to escape the hype around “Big Data” and the big promise that all that data can generate powerful and profitable intelligence. This research brief by Aberdeen provides some actionable insight regarding the potential for big data by looking at the strategies, processes, and technologies Best-in-Class firms are adopting around data analytics for marketing today.

  • Forrester Research: Understanding Tag Management Tools & Technology

    Results and commentary on Forrester's inaugural research survey of tag management users. Find out what digital marketers say about tagging, tag management systems, and more.


  • Forrester Consulting: Tag Management Delivers Multichannel Personalization

    Multichannel personalization is essential in the age of the customer. Find new opportunities to understand and influence the entire customer journey.

  • Forrester Research, Inc.: Big Data's Big Meaning for Marketing

    Using Big Data to Deliver Context and Personalization at Scale

  • Ensighten Data Layer

    Digital properties are a nexus of customer centric data from multiple vectors and sources. This is a wealthy source of business-relevant data that can be leveraged to augment the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Integrating your data into your digital marketing tools is an extremely powerful technique for enriching your digital marketing capabilities; enabling greater targeting, intelligence, segmentation, and profiling based on the valuable information most relevant to your particular business.

  • Boosting Marketing Agility with Enterprise Data and Tag Management

    Marketing agility has become a key strategic advantage for leading enterprises as they compete to increase sales and market share. Learn how Symantec, Sony Electronics, and other leading brands harness the power of enterprise tag & data management solution to rapidly execute any digital marketing initiative, achieve true one-to-one marketing and deliver satisfying experiences that drive engagements and conversions.

  • Sony, Symantec, Ice: Empowering Optimization

    Download this new report to learn how Sony, Symantec, and are leveraging Ensighten’s Tag Management System (TMS) as the foundation of their optimization programs.

  • Tag Management Fundamentals for Digital Marketers

    The modern enteprise relies on numerous 3rd-party digital marketing services, in the the form of JavaScript “tags” on web pages. This whitepaper outlines how Tag Management Systems (TMS) overcome tag-related challenges such as slow page load, decreased marketing agility, and increased privacy compliance risk.

Case studies

  • eCommerce Case Study

    Making marketing more agile in order to meet eCommerce customer needs for a global electronics retailer.
    Learn more

  • Financial Services Case Study

    Meeting customer needs in a world of digital banking and engagement for a major national bank.
    Learn more

  • Nestlé Purina

    Ensighten helps Purina to optimize the tagging process for all its sites worldwide and saved them 600 hours of development time.
    Learn more

  • Seagate

    Seagate uncovers their true marketing ROI using Ensighten with high-quality data, improved campaign attribution and optimized marketing campaigns.
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  • Software Case Study

    Making data available and valuable across the entire enterprise for a global software company.
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  • Symantec

    Ensighten provides the roadmap for Symantec to realize their competitive advantage of “Data and Technology as a service” through deploying, testing and scaling new technologies on the fly.
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  • Telecommunications Case Study

    Improving the customer experience for a large telecommunications company.
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  • United Airlines

    Ensighten gives United a 360-degree view of the customer and drives eight-digit ROI.
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  • Financial Services Best Practices Guide

    Market Insights, Drivers & Best Practices

  • eBook: How Enterprise Data and Tag Management Will Boost Conversion & Revenue Beyond Your Expectations

    Ensighten's approach to enterprise data and tag management allows marketers to use marketing technologies to their fullest extent, without IT limits. This book contains specific tips for boosting ROI immediately with minimum effort. Everything described in this ebook can be implemented by a non-technical marketer once Ensighten's tag is deployed on the site.

  • RFI/RFP Template

    Based on numerous engagements with customers, we have compiled the most common questions into this comprehensive Tag Management System RFP template. Download it now and accelerate your search for the right TMS technology and vendor.

Product info


  • Ensighten Privacy Infographic

    As advertisers develop more sophisticated online tracking tools, government and consumer groups are pushing for stricter privacy standards. Do Not Track, the web tracking opt-out movement in the U.S. is gaining ground as a government-backed industry standard. In Europe, it’s already the law.