Open Marketing Platform

Capitalize on All Your Data, Everywhere

Ensighten's Open Marketing Platform enables your technologies and campaigns to work better and work together, improving customer experiences and boosting marketing ROI. Ensighten gives your data complete freedom of movement across everything in real-time, so you can create 1:1 customer experiences and make strategic marketing investments.

Ensighten Open Marketing Platform
Ensighten Manage Tag Management System - App Library

Boost Marketing Agility with Tag Management

Boost website performance and speed time to implementation by enabling marketers to deploy and manage tags outside of IT development cycles. Share browser and Web technology data across systems to create a universal customer profile.

Gain Omni-Channel Insight and In-App Analytics with Mobile App Tagging

Give Your Customers the App Experiences They Crave

Collect mobile app analytics and optimize app experiences in real-time without relying on app store updates. Enhance your universal customer profile with app data and create personalized experiences within apps that drive greater loyalty and conversion.

Achieve Personalized Marketing - Ensighten Activate

Unify Data from Ad Campaigns, Offline CRMs, and Other Channels and Sources

Integrate users’ onsite, offsite and offline data into a first-party cookie pool to complete your universal customer profile. Energize digital experiences and boost conversion rates through a single view of your customer across all data sources and channels.

Use Cross-Channel Attribution to Gain Insight on Customer Behavior

Gain Multi-Channel Insights and Boost ROAS

Unlock a comprehensive, unsiloed view into omni-channel marketing campaigns so you can understand where and how customers are truly engaging with your brand. Gain attribution insights into the true effectiveness of prospecting vs. retargeting campaigns.

Safeguard customer opt-out and privacy laws with Ensighten Privacy

Ensure Data Privacy Enforcement and Compliance

Establish privacy compliance across your websites and eliminate data leakage from unapproved tags. Block unwanted website trackers from firing at both the global and user preference level while complying with geographic privacy laws and policies.

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