Ensighten Activate


Propel personalized, behavior-based marketing on an enterprise scale. Ensighten Activate is a data management and activation solution that gives marketers the power to collect, own and act on customer data.

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Ensighten Activate

Collect offsite marketing data with Ensighten Pulse

Collect omni-channel data from off-site sources, such as display ad impressions, email opens, microsite visits and other company domains. Ensighten Pulse, a module of Ensighten Activate, brings more to power real-time marketing.

“Using Activate, we can have first party cookies collect interactions with United content, and we can use this information to optimize the digital experience and provide customized content to the customer.”

Omni-channel Profiles

Create omni-channel audience profiles with Ensighten One

Merge on-site, off-site and offline data into omni-channel consumer profiles for one-to-one marketing. Customer profile data from Ensighten One, a module of Ensighten Activate, can be syndicated or activated in real-time.

Audience Builder

Segment multichannel, 1st party data with Audience Builder

Improve on-site targeting, audience acquisition and retargeting by creating granular segments using first-party data from on-site, off-site and offline sources. Audience Builder exports the segments to DMP’s, data syndicators, media networks and more, strengthening customer acquisition and conversion.

Activate Syndicate Data Everywhere

Syndicate your data, improve marketing performance

Improve acquisition and retargeting programs with streamlined data syndication. Leverage the LiveRamp partnership to export your omni channel audience profiles to more than 100 technology providers.

Activate Page Load Improvement

Improve digital touch point performance

Increase customer engagement and conversion by pre-caching next-step URL pages based on customer profiles, thus reducing page load time.

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