Ensighten Visual Tagger

For marketers, it’s often fastest and easiest to configure tags within the context of your web page content. Ensighten Visual Tagger’s revolutionary approach empowers you to configure tags and data while navigating your site and interacting directly with your content without dependence on IT or having to learn tag syntax. With Ensighten Visual Tagger you'll be able to deploy tags easier, faster, and more efficiently into your pages.

Ensighten Visual Tagger is a free extension of Ensighten Manage. Existing Ensighten Manage customers can log into Ensighten Visual Tagger to create deployments that adhere to your organization’s internal web governance processes. So while non-technical users can easily set up tag implementations, content modifications, and assemble data in an intuitive, point-and-click interface, users with more permissions can enable, commit, and publish the deployments created. This helps enable agency or local teams while keeping control within the right groups.

Ensighten Visual Tagger also makes it easy to build and inspect your Ensighten Data Layer (EDL) so you can truly own and control all your omni-channel data. Define and control page-level data elements and events extracting data from within web page code to increase tagging accuracy and ensure consistent data quality. Once you’ve compiled the EDL through Ensighten Visual Tagger, you'll be able to easily enrich analytics and optimization capabilities with enhanced segmentation, profiling, targeting and personalization.


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