Ensighten Visual Tagger

For marketers, it’s easiest to configure tags within the context of your web page content. Ensighten Visual Tagger empowers you to configure tags and build your data layer while navigating your site and visually interacting with your content, without needing to know tag syntax or depend on IT cycles.

Included with Ensighten Manage, Ensighten Visual Tagger lets you:

  • Easily build and inspect the Ensighten Data Layer (EDL), which lets you own and unify all your omni-channel data. Using Visual Tagger, you can define and control page-level data elements and events extracting data from within web page code to increase tagging accuracy and ensure consistent data quality.
  • Enhance analytics and optimization capabilities with enhanced segmentation, profiling, targeting, and personalization. Visual Tagger provides 30+ behavioral profile templates which can be used to segment visitors as they browse your site and feed targeting engines that deliver relevant content in real-time.
  • Accelerate your optimization initiatives through simplified test deployment. Visual Tagger’s optimization features are particularly valuable if you are using Mbox-based testing and targeting technologies such as Adobe Target.

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