Ensighten Activate
One-to-One Marketing: Finally Achieved

Ensighten Activate

Energize your customer experience and conversion with personalized website content in real-time based on first-party offsite and even offline data. Ensighten Activate is the only solution that delivers true one-to-one behavior based marketing at scale while boosting site performance.

Ensighten Activate enables total ownership and control of customer data to boost marketing agility and deliver one-to-one marketing across all channels and devices. Integrated with Ensighten Agile Marketing Platform, Activate enables marketers to collect, own and use onsite, offsite and offline data sets by creating omni-channel user profiles. By integrating first-party data, marketers can personalize and optimize their digital marketing programs, increase customer engagement and conversions and boost sales and market share.


  • Deliver one-to-one marketing across channels
  • Coordinate messaging with omni-channel targeting
  • Increase return on ad spend
  • Enhance messaging consistency
  • Improve budget allocation and marketing mix
  • Distribute first party audience data to over 100 networks with LiveRamp partnership

Ensighten Activate is a fully hosted solution that scales as your business grows. Plug in one or more Activate modules based on the data sources and types of activation that fit your needs.

Ensighten Pulse Icon

Collect, Own And Act On First Party Data

Ensighten Pulse, a module of Ensighten Activate, enables marketers to maximize their marketing yield by delivering relevant messaging and content to their customers based on their offsite and onsite behavior. Pulse identifies click paths across microsites and brand sites, display ad impressions on third party sites, email opens, social media interactions, mobile app and site activities and more. It associates these specific engagements with individual consumers in real time.

  • Increase Return on Ad Spend
  • Enhance Messaging Consistency
  • It’s Your Customer Data. It’s Time to Own It

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Create Omni-Channel User Profiles For Real-Time Action

Ensighten One, a module of Ensighten Activate, delivers relevant one to one marketing based on omni-channel behaviors and interactions to drive customer engagement and conversion.

  • Improve on-site personalization. Transmit omni-channel profile data to the browser to conditionally load and enrich website tags.
  • Improve off-site personalization. Transmit data to third-party vendors such as email service providers and display retargeters.
  • Merge onsite data with offline data from any source – POS, CRM, Call Center and more.
  • Stitch together cross-channel data using common identifiers, such as email addresses and phone numbers.

Ensighten One data is first party data you OWN. Export it at any time to any solution.

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LiveRamp Partnership

  • Directly distribute Ensighten Activate first party audience data to over 100 media networks inluding DMP’s and DSP’s.
  • Improve customer acquisition and conversion with first party based targeting and personalization across networks.
  • Implement first party data driven programs across networks that have traditionally been focused exclusively on third party data.

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