Tag Management - Value Beyond Cost Reduction

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There is a lot of noise in the marketplace about the need for tag management, and of course as one of the leaders in that space, we welcome the attention on the criticality of such a solution. However, most players in the industry have been looking backwards by explaining the benefits in terms of fixing the inefficient ways we worked in the past rather than explaining the new value it creates going forward.

Of course, tag management has many benefits inherent in just the substitution of the old, manual way of tagging with a modern management system by reducing costs, eliminating deployment hassles, and improving site speed. A tag management system also allows a company to have consistent tag deployment across its entire site.

All impressive enough, isn't it? And this is of course what all of the players have been promoting. But this is missing the really big story. The advantages gained by reducing cost and hassle are dwarfed by the business opportunity created by this new platform that fundamentally changes how marketers operate and develop an online marketing suite in order to grow their business.

A tag management solution done right actually opens up a world of marketing applications to your business by the ability to quickly deploy any application from the universe of marketing tools. Being a marketer is difficult in the modern era -- there are so many applications required to have an effective site, including, but definitely not limited to, analytics, ad serving, targeting, multivariate testing, privacy management, voice of customer solutions, and dozens of more categories of applications. In an ideal world, every online business would be able to pick and choose "best of breed" solutions in each category to customize their own perfect online marketing suite. This is what a true tag management solution can do.

With such a solution, the marketer has the ability to easily test new marketing applications, manage optimize them, and easily remove ones no longer required (and all of this under the marketer's control with little dependence on IT). The benefits to businesses from quickly testing and deploying new applications are immediate and substantial. Of course, for a tag management solution to do this, it needs to be able to (a) work with ALL tag-based applications, (b) support any form of targeting or conditional logic, and (c) be deployed on any platform, including web as well as mobile or compiled applications such as Flash. Maybe this solves the mystery of why other players aren't talking this way -- they aren't able to satisfy these conditions!

But when you have a true Tag Management solution that can do all of this, it actually becomes a "Marketing Enablement Platform" to significantly improve your ability to reach and understand your customers! And although all of the cost savings are wonderful (not to mention the increase in site speed), it's the ability to substantially grow your business where the real value lies.