Ensighten Mobile Demo Video
November 18, 2015

Get a Sneak Peek of Ensighten Mobile’s New Unified Interface

Ensighten this week launched an all-new integrated platform for Ensighten Mobile, delivering many new features that simplify and support mobile app marketing. The launch has been top of mind for me over these past weeks as I was on the road demoing the solution during our AGILITY City Tour, hearing first-hand from customers on how… more ››

by Karen Wood, Product Marketing Director, Ensighten @thekarenwood
November 4, 2015

How Marriott is Fueling Personalization Through a Single View of the Customer

Today’s customer interactions are taking place on multiple devices and across multiple channels. Tom Arundel, Director of Program Management, Tagging & Performance at Marriott International, knows this, and is making sure his company puts the customer at the center of everything they do. Great customer experiences are born from the right data; however, to get… more ››

by Ryan Montano, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Ensighten @Rymontano
London City Tour
October 28, 2015

United, CDW, Dell & Nationwide to Speak on Fueling Better Customer Experiences at Ensighten’s AGILITY Tour in Chicago

How are leading brands delivering personalized and relevant experiences across the entire customer journey? What does it take to drive interest, excitement, and executive sponsorship for building omni-channel customer experience programs? How can brands implement mobile and even social programs that engage customers across touch points and deliver better marketing ROI. These are a few… more ››

by Rick Weithas, Product Marketing Director, Ensighten @RickWeithas
Akhil Anumolu
October 23, 2015

How Ensighten Powers the Adobe Marketing Cloud at Delta Air Lines

Last week in NYC at the AGILITY City Tour, I met Delta Air Lines’ Akhil Anumolu. He gave a brilliant presentation on “How to Build a Best-in-Class Optimization Program,” in which he explained how to get started with AB and multivariate testing. After the presentation, I caught up with him to learn a little bit… more ››

by Ryan Montano, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Ensighten @Rymontano
Privacy is the New Green
October 20, 2015

Pols: Respecting Privacy is an Opportunity to Reinforce Marketing Data Quality

Editor’s Note: The following in an interview with Aurélie Pols, an internationally recognized privacy and digital analytics expert who is speaking at Ensighten’s AGILITY City Tour, scheduled for today in London. We took the opportunity to ask Aurelie some tough questions about the role of privacy in the enterprise, including addressing why privacy may not… more ››

by L. Erik Bratt, VP of Corporate Marketing at Ensighten, @erikbratt
Marketing Unicorn
October 16, 2015

Empowering Unicorns Everywhere

So you are probably asking yourself what does an omni-channel customer data platform have to do with unicorns? Well, this week I was in NYC for the first stop on Ensighten’s multi-city AGILITY City Tour, where I had the privilege of getting to meet some our amazing customers. These customers were from some of the… more ››

by Ryan Montano, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Ensighten @Rymontano
September 29, 2015

The 10 Most Influential Mobile Marketing Articles of August 2015 #Mobile #MobileMarketing

Welcome to our weekly round-up of the best articles on varied topics in marketing technology, including MarTech, Mobile Marketing, Omni-channel Marketing and Big Data. Enjoy our recap of August’s most influential articles on mobile marketing and optimization below. Curious how we selected these top contenders? It’s a blend of art and science, leveraging data from… more ››

by Karen Wood, Product Marketing Director, Ensighten @thekarenwood
Citibank Brazil
September 24, 2015

Citi Brazil Launches Digital Signage In “Smart” Banking Branches

I was lucky enough recently to participate in a webinar to hear how Ensighten solutions have directly or indirectly helped Citi Brazil grow its analytics maturity by leveraging digital signage. It left me thinking. If Citi can successfully launch and measure digital signage performance in its new “smart” banking branches, why aren’t more companies following their… more ››

by Ryan Montano, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Ensighten @Rymontano
More Than A New Brand
September 17, 2015

More Than A New Brand

I am thrilled to announce the rebranding of Ensighten – inspired by our customers and partners! Why now?  Ensighten has been fortunate to work with some of the smartest individuals and the most notable brands in the industry. I’ve had some incredible conversations with many of you on how you’re tackling marketing challenges in such… more ››

by Pelin Thorogood, Chief Strategy Officer, Ensighten @pelint
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