5 industry firsts by Ensighten
December 23, 2014

Top 5 Ensighten Firsts’

It’s Good to Be First Being first to market with a key innovation that is highly desired by customers is an entrepreneur’s dream. Maintaining that first-to-market position by being the ONLY vendor that continues to provide that innovation is even better. Actually, it’s beyond better. It’s not just luck that has kept Ensighten on this… more ››

by Karen Wood, Director of Product Marketing, Ensighten
SVBJ 40 Under 40
December 15, 2014

Congratulations to Josh Manion: Silicon Valley Business Journal 40 Under 40 Class of 2014

Congratulations my friend and our Founder / CEO at Ensighten, Josh Manion, for being recognized as one of Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 40 Under 40. Every year the Journal honors the 40 most influential rising stars in Silicon Valley under the age of 40 – and to the team here at Ensighten, seeing Josh’s name on this… more ››

by Dan Dal Degan, President, Ensighten, @Triple_Deee
Improve Efficiency
December 10, 2014

How Does Attribution Make You Money? Let Me Count the Ways.

A few short weeks ago we announced Ensighten Attribution, our omni-channel attribution solution integrated within Ensighten Manage that optimizes media spending, gives greater insight into cross-channel customer journeys, and improves marketing ROI. As marketers become more sophisticated and demand more return from their investments, attribution has moved from a nice-to-have to a must-have solution. This… more ››

by Karen Wood, Director of Product Marketing, Ensighten
Ensighten Evolves Launches New Website
December 8, 2014

Our Evolution Continues: Meet Ensighten

I am thrilled to officially unveil the new face of Ensighten. We’ve redesigned our website to better reflect who we are, what we do and to help marketers globally understand how they can dramatically increase their ROI. But it’s much more than a refresh. It’s the result of a journey that began in 2009, upon… more ››

by Darr Gerscovich, Vice President of Marketing, Ensighten @darrg10
November 11, 2014

Data: Make Sure it’s Top Notch

For better or worse, analytics are a reflection of data.  And, whether you call it Big Data or just data, it’s the driving force behind marketing optimization. However, if you apply analytics to subpar data, you’re going to get subpar results. It doesn’t matter how you try to dress it up with visualizations or pretty… more ››

by Rick Weithas, Director of Product Marketing, Ensighten
November 6, 2014

Congrats, Hearst Magazines, for the DMA 2014 Marketer of the Year Award

We’re delighted to congratulate one of our customers, Hearst Magazines, for being honored with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) 2014 Marketer of the Year Award. Each year, the DMA Marketer of the Year Award’s committee recognizes a company or individual for outstanding achievements in the direct marketing community. This year, DMA presented the award to… more ››

by Darr Gerscovich, VP of Marketing, Ensighten
October 28, 2014

Connect the Dots and Start Saving Money: Why Attribution and Tag Management Belong Together

Introducing Ensighten Attribution Today we are thrilled to announce that we’ve launched a new product: Ensighten Attribution. Fully integrated within Ensighten Manage and the Ensighten Agile Marketing Platform, Ensighten Attribution enables real-time action of omni-channel attribution data like never before possible—while reducing vendor costs and boosting the ROI of advertising spend. Ensighten Attribution shows you… more ››

by Karen Wood, Director of Product Marketing, Ensighten
October 15, 2014

Multichannel Marketing Analytics Just Got More Reliable and Powerful

When Simple Truths Inspire Industry Leading Solutions The Backdrop    Modern marketers are playing offense, not defense. They’re chasing increases in revenue and market share. This demands marketing organizations aggressively seek optimal performance everywhere in pursuit of a competitive edge, including the deployment of best-of-breed solutions across the marketing technology landscape – analytics, optimization, personalization, retargeting,… more ››

by Dan Dal Degan, President, Ensighten, @Triple_Deee
October 9, 2014

Five Reasons Why You Should Start Using a Tag Management API

Pretty much every marketing technology has an API. And for good reason: APIs allow seamless, server-to-server integrations that benefit both the brand leveraging the API and the end user’s experience with that brand. In the digital marketing world, APIs allow marketers to extend digital technologies to channels and devices that typically would not be able… more ››

by Karen Wood, Director of Product Marketing, Ensighten
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